Increase Your Sales Price & Obtain Offers in a Timely Manner

My goal is to increase your sales price and obtain the best offer in a timely manner. I offer you the specialized attention, confidentiality, expertise, and tailored real estate marketing you expect and deserve. Whether you are Denver area luxury homeowner, need to sell your property fast, an investor or a developer, it's important to partner with a trusted broker who can complete the real estate transaction and strategically market your property.

Marketing Services:

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  • The first step to any successful transaction and marketing campaign is pricing your property correctly. I will prepare a thorough comparable market analysis (cma) for you. Once the CMA is completed, we will compare the property's condition and features to recently sold and available homes to help you determine a competitive pricing strategy.

Creating the Story

  • Every property has a unique story. It is my job to capture that story through words, photos and graphics and to distribute the story through various marketing channels, including phone calls.

  • Because every story and property is unique, every marketing campaign is tailored to my sellers' needs.

Features & Pricing

  • A thorough analysis of the property features & highlights are strategically prepared to enhance the story and differentiate the property in the marketplace.

  • An unbiased property walk-through checklist may be completed to assist in presentation for market appearance.

  • Professional staging may be suggested to improve marketability and increase price.

Personal Phone Calls & Emails

  • As soon as the Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement is executed, direct personal phone calls and emails may be made to prospective and potential buyers.

Local Exposure

  • MLS. A detailed description of the property with color photographs may appear in the appropriate local MLS.

  • An Open House may be held to feature the property for the Brokerage community.

  • A for sale sign may be placed on the property.

Print Exposure

  • Professional Photographs may be taken

  • Drone photographs might be used.

  • A custom color property brochure may be created.

  • Just listed cards may be mailed to area residents.

Real Estate Marketing Strategy Realtor Denver Colorado

Media & Internet Exposure

  • The property may be featured on and listed on prominent real estate websites including,, & more

  • A press release may be prepared and sent out to local, regional, national and international media outlets and publications.

  • The property may be featured in local publications.

  • The property may be shared on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to name a few.

Builders & Developers

  • Branding guidance may be offered and all marketing materials will align with the builders or developers branding efforts.

  • Exterior and Interior renderings may be available.

International  Exposure

  • The property may be listed on Global Luxury real estate websites

  • The property may be listed on International MLS exchanges